Stroll on a Goa beach at sundown

Sundown at Betalbatim beach

Kids in the water, breaking waves and evening light at Betalbatim beach, Goa

The stroll up and down Betalbatim beach at Goa before sunset was quite eventful. Number of tourists were frolicking in the waters in the beautiful evening light. One of the favourite things that everyone wants to do is to catch the tide. If the kids were not in the water, they were constructing sand castles. The life on the beach was busy and colourful with the presence of shacks, life guards, runners, birds and dogs. Noticed two shacks which had their signages in Russian. The Russian influence is loud and clear.

Life Guards

Evening at Betalbatim beach, Goa

Life guards were stationed at regular intervals. Like everybody else, they were busy with their mobile phones. Noticed one fellow who had probably come alone to enjoy the beach. He was glued to his cellphone right on the beach.

Reminded of the film “The Shawshank Redemption”

Each time I go to a beach and see the shacks around, I get reminded of what Andy told his friend at the prison in the film “The Shawshank Redemption”. Andy urges his prison mate to meet him at this place on a beach after his term gets over. Andy would have settled to his dream destination by then after his daring prison escape. The Shawshank Redemption is clearly one of my favourite films.

Birds and the waves breaking on the beach

Each wave would bring in the sea water, wet the sand on the beach and receded thereafter. This cycle must have been going on ever since the seas were created. Nature is untiring.

Birds at sundown at Betalbatim beach, Goa
Pair of birds looking for their feed

A fascinating sight was the birds who found an opportunity in this unending cycle of the waves hitting the beach. The waves bring to the shore many things from the seas. These include sea creatures and small fish which get pushed on to the beach sands. This is the moment the birds will not let go. It is the perfect feed for them, washed up on the beach sand fresh from the seas.

One bird walks while the other feeds on the beach
Silhoutte of the bird feeding on the beach and the beautiful evening light
The bird has found something

Did not notice any cats on the beach although they would have relished what the waves brought to the shore. Presence of many dogs on the beach probably explains the absence of cats out there.

Finally the sun bids adieu

Sun between the clouds at Betalbatim beach, Goa

As the sun starts its final journey for the day to disappear at the horizon into the unfathomable sea, many turn their attention to catch these magical moments. This is the time when fascinating colours run riot on the horizon and the all powerful Sun God starts winding down its light, heat and energy. This is a journey that one has seen umpteen times and yet the allure to see it once again is irresistible.

The fireball is calming down as it gets ready for a dip

Each sunset, the sky, the clouds and the colours are all different every single day. Sunset could well be the most photographed event on a daily basis all over the world.

Final moments before sundown at Betalbatim beach, Goa. It will soon be twilight.

It is then twilight and time to wind down yourself and start heading back. You still want to linger around till it starts getting dark. The day is now over. Tomorrow will be another day.

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