Morning light passes through the transparent barrel of the fountain pen with blue ink.

Fountain pen with blue ink

On Sunday morning when I sat down with my coffee, journal and fountain pen with blue ink to write, I noticed something that was exceptionally beautiful.

Morning light passes through the transparent barrel of the fountain pen with blue ink.
Morning light passes through the transparent barrel of the fountain pen with blue ink.

Morning light turns blue

I had placed the fountain pen on the open page of the journal. Even before I could open the cap of the pen to write, I noticed that the morning light from the door to my left was passing through the transparent barrel of the pen. This light illuminated the barrel of the ink pen with its royal blue ink. It did not stop there. The light with its bluish tinge now made an impression on the page of the open journal on the right side of the pen. What a sight this was. Even before I had started writing with blue ink on white paper (which is my most preferred combination except for pen and ink sketches), this blue light captured all my attention and imagination.

TWSBI fountain pen

The morning coffee became all the more enjoyable with this blue light from the pen barrel. This medium nib TWSBI fountain pen was a gift from a fountain pen collector. I have been using this ink pen regularly. It writes well. The medium point nib is smooth. Most importantly, this pen has a compact form and therefore it is convenient to carry. The transparent barrel is useful for the simple reason that it tells you the amount of ink still available and warns you well in time to refill without having to open the pen to check the ink status.

The relationship

The discovery of the light passing through the barrel of this pen has added a new dimension to my relationship with this ink pen. The relationship with each pen is unique and very personal. Each pen has its personality. It needs to be handled with utmost care. The joy of the ink getting released through the nib and creating letters on paper which are your thoughts, is unparalleled. Thank you TWSBI and of course the lover of fine writing instruments who introduced me to this fountain pen.

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6 thoughts on “Fountain pen with blue ink

  1. I am amazed that you still write and that too with a fountain pen. I am further surprised that ink is available! We must discuss this when we next meet. This is a beautiful image and brings back many memories.

    • I am glad that this brought back memories of fountain pens you must have used. Never too late to start again!

  2. Great. Reminds me of “KALE FOUNTAIN PEN “ in our childhood which had vertical stripes. But we never ever had brains to appreciate it. An artist ‘ s 🧠 can imagine this & image. This is your creativity

    • Yes. I have used Kale fountain pen in my school days. They were nice practical pens. I remember having bought the last of my Kale fountain pen pen from a shop in Deccan Gymkhana area. I think it used to be the retail outlet for Kale fountain pens. I think several generations must have used Kale fountain pens. Need to find out whether the firm is still around. Let me know if you get to know. Thank you for reminding me about Kale fountain pens. By the way another brand all of us might have used is “Airmail” – another no nonsense, practical and reasonably priced fountain pen. I recently picked up one from a shop in Fort, Mumbai.

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