Holocaust Remembrance Day homage

Holocaust Remembrance Day

Exhibits from concentration camp – 1

Holocaust was one of the most shameful and horrific crimes committed by the humans on fellow human beings. Six millions Jews were eliminated in Shoah – the Nazi genocide. It is one of the most barbaric acts of ethnic cleansing.  Sharing pictures from Virginia Holocaust Museum to mark this sombre occasion.

Virginia Holocaust Museum

The Virginia Holocaust Museum (VHM), a public history museum, is located in Richmond, Virginia. The museum is dedicated to depicting the Holocaust through the personal stories of its victims of Shoah – the Nazi genocide, through exhibits, programming, and outreach.


The VHM was founded by Mark Fetter, Devorah Ben David, Jay Ipson, and Al Rosenbaum in 1997. Within a few years, the museum outgrew the space at Temple Beth El. It needed additional space to handle the growing number of visitors and school groups. The Virginia General Assembly offered the American Tobacco Company Warehouse for the relocation of the museum. After restoration and reconfiguration of the building, the expanded museum was dedicated on Yom HaShoah, the Holocaust Day of Remembrance, 2003.


The museum was founded to educate the community about the tragedies of the Holocaust.  VHM documents the atrocities of World War II. Furthermore, The museum uses the history of genocide to teach the dangers of prejudice and indifference. It does this by way of  exhibits, programming, and outreach.

German Güterwagen

In 2004, VHM acquired an authentic “goods wagon,” or freight car. This was used during World War II by the Third Reich to transport captive Jews in inhuman conditions. Alexander Lebenstein, a local Holocaust survivor, worked with the museum to bring this important artefact to Richmond.


Here are poignant pictures of some of the exhibits from the museum.

Exhibits from concentration camp during Shoah – 2


Exhibits from concentration camp during Nazi genocide – 3

Ipson Saga

The story of Ipsons family is at the center of VHM’s core exhibits.  The Ipson Saga exhibition shares the experience of a family of local Holocaust survivors.

( Source : visit in 2017 and wikipedia )

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