Lush green surroundings on way to Ananda retreat

Ananda Retreat Pune and its beautiful surroundings

Lush green fields on way to Ananda Retreat Pune after rains

We had actually set out on a drive to Lavasa on a Sunday morning after several weeks of plentiful rains. It so happened that while having my coffee before we set out, I came across this petition in against Lavasa and its wrongdoings. We had decided to drive to Lavasa as I had never visited the place. After quite some time in the drive, I realised that Ananda meditation and yoga retreat is somewhere before Lavasa. When we spotted the signpost for the retreat, there was hardly any debate. We just turned into the road to the retreat. What an experience it turned out to be. The road upto the retreat with lush green fields around, a small river that we crossed and beautiful weather.

Lush green fields and a small river

All around it was beautiful hues of green and it was so comforting to the eyes. We crossed few small villages and settlements.

Lush green fields and beautiful surrounding

We crossed a small river which had a lively current.

Small river on way to Ananda Retreat Pune

This lady was keeping a keen watch on her buffalos who were obviously enjoying their bath in the river on a beautiful morning.

Lady with her buffalos in the small river
Buffalos in the water enjoying themselves

At Ananda retreat

First impression of the yoga and meditation retreat was that its serene campus blended well with the beautiful surroundings. It exuded a calm which any retreat should. Best thing was that it was not ostentatious at all. Dr. Aditya of Ananda Sangha was helpful in letting us in despite a last minute request and made arrangements for us to be shown around.

A path at Ananda Retreat


Papaya at Ananda retreat

Here is the spot I loved the most during our brief visit to the campus. I could easily spend an entire day here reading, writing, sketching, thinking (all that) with intervals of doing nothing. Doing nothing in such surroundings can be so fulfilling and rewarding.

Sit down here till eternity at Ananda meditation and yoga retreat

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Photo features by Milind Vishwas Sathe