World Photography Day

World Photography Day – Feature in Hindustan Times

World Photography Day article in Hindustan Times Pune edition

World Photography Day
World Photography Day feature in Hindustan Times

This article by Anjali Shetty has been published on the occasion of World Photography Day 19 August 2018. It features four photographers. Milind Sathe is one of the photographers featured.

Here is the text of the article :

Passion for Photography

Sathe has had a passion since his school days. Handling a camera and creating compositions always fascinated him.

Going about it

Sathe believes that the learning never ends. It was mostly on my own and also from conversations with senior photographers, reading and looking at thousands of images over the years. The same process continues, he says.

How has photography helped

Sathe believes photography is part of him. According to him, “The camera is an extended body part. It has been enriching as it gave me a powerful medium to express myself.”
“Professionally, he started exhibiting his work only since 2016. He has had three solo shows so far – two at Mumbai and one at Pune. “I raised funds for a cancer charity through my Mumbai show. The show at Pune raised funds for two educational projects. It was satisfying when people totally unknown complimented and bought my work.”

Inspiration and Idols

In school, he followed Raghu Rai’s work in a popular magazine. “Also Henri Cartier – Bresson. I am also fond of work of Ansel Adams and Ashvin Mehta.”


His most memorable moment was when an art collector who was visiting his office, chanced upon some of his pictures which he had printed for gifting to a few friends and insisted on buying them.

“That was the first time I made a sale which was completely unplanned for. He pushed me into seriously looking at my own work. Till then the only objective of my photography was private pleasure. This was the moment which changed it. Now my work gets picked up regularly.” Sathe is satisfied when I was able to raise a reasonable amount for social causes through sale of his work.

Images used in this article :

School going children in the hills
School going children in the hills


Milind Vishwas Sathe is the founder of Art India Foundation, a non profit organisation, which runs "Khula Aasmaan" as its flagship project. Khula Aasmaan is a platform for creative expression by children. Khula Aasmaan is free. Milind also runs Indiaart Gallery, the art portal and New Media Ventures which is a consulting firm in the area of digital strategy. He is an avid photographer and a blogger. His active interests include travel, photography, cycling, history, media and social transformation projects.

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